DPF Filter & Carbon Cleaning

We offer high-quality DPF Filter and carbon cleaning for all types of diesel vehicle. We provide a five-star service unblocking your filters. Our trusted technicians will expertly clean your filters, thus safely removing residual soot from the meshing. If you’re concerned about the condition of your filter, then don’t delay getting in touch. Allowing the problem to grow can lead to further damages, sometimes costing more to repair than the vehicle itself. So call us now for our services.

Benefits Of DPF Cleaning

It is crucial that your diesel vehicle has its DPF checked and cleaned regularly. This prevents hazardous build up of soot, as well as maintaining prime condition of the vehicle. There are many other benefits of DPF cleanings, including the following:

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Top Of The Range Machines

We have two, state-of-the-art machines ready to provide deep DPF cleans, the DCS-20 and the CC-28. Both are able to remove up to 100% of all residue. These technologies are able to service any domestic or commercial vehicle, from cars to heavy machinery. Our trusted mechanics expertly use these systems to eradicate any soot build up, returning your vehicle to optimal working order. Also, we can fine tune the technology specifically to your filter, enhancing its effectiveness. This creates a better clean for your vehicle, and so preventing sluggish performance.

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